voter disenfranchisement

High Rate of Absentee Ballot Rejection Reeks of Voter Suppression

Keeping Jim Crow Alive in Georgia With ‘Exact Match’

Supreme Court Celebrates Columbus Day by Screwing North Dakota’s Native American Voters

Have YOU Been PURGED? Georgia Voters — You Must Check This NOW!

Redacted Tonight: Major New Development in Election Integrity Fight [Web Exclusive] (VIDEO)

Florida’s Process for Restoring Voting Rights to Felons Ruled Biased and Unconstitutional By Federal Judge

NYC Board of Elections Admits to Illegally Purging More Than 200,000 Voters in 2016 Primary

The New York City Board of Elections admitted after a lawsuit that it broke the law by purging thousands of people from voter rolls before the 2016 New York presidential primary. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the board violated “the law and New Yorkers’ trust in the institutions meant to protect their rights.”

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