solar system

First Ever ‘Exomoon’ Discovered Orbiting Planet Outside Our Solar System – Study

Scientists Discover 12 Moons Around Jupiter – Including One ‘Oddball’ That Could Destroy The Others

Days are longer than they used to be due to moon moving away from earth, study finds

Alien Star Streaked Through Our Solar System And Jostled Its Contents, Scientists Say

NASA Discovers Entire New Solar System With Earth-Like Planets Capable of Supporting Life

NASA announced a remarkable, groundbreaking new find in a press conference on Wednesday: an entire new solar system filled with planets similar to Earth and could potentially support life. Researchers revealed that they have made perhaps the most promising exoplanet discovery ever, finding seven planets that are in orbit around a relatively nearby star,

‘Brightest Supernova Ever’ Was Actually a Black Hole Violently Shredding a Star

Newly Discovered Closest Planet to Solar System Is Potentially Habitable

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