Scientists Create Musical Piece From The ‘Sound’ Of Sunrise On Mars

Inferno Planets & The Goldilocks Zone: Here Are Kepler’s Most Awesome Discoveries (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Particles Coming From the Ground in Antarctica Have Physicists Puzzled

Watery Worlds Could Be Common Throughout the Galaxy – Suggesting Life Could Be More Likely Than We Know

Giant Asteroid Headed Toward Earth is Visible to Human Eye

Mars Opposition: Red Planet Closer to Earth Than It Has Been in Years

Incredible Psychedelic Phytoplankton Bloom Captured From Space (PHOTO)

New NASA Experiment Shows Potatoes Can Grow in Mars-Like Conditions

NASA Discovers Entire New Solar System With Earth-Like Planets Capable of Supporting Life

NASA announced a remarkable, groundbreaking new find in a press conference on Wednesday: an entire new solar system filled with planets similar to Earth and could potentially support life. Researchers revealed that they have made perhaps the most promising exoplanet discovery ever, finding seven planets that are in orbit around a relatively nearby star,

2016 Is 3rd Consecutive Year To Break Global Temperature Records As ‘Hottest Year Ever’

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