Inferno Planets & The Goldilocks Zone: Here Are Kepler’s Most Awesome Discoveries (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Giant Planets Around Young Star Raise Questions About How Planets Form

Georges Lemaître: The Cosmic Mystery That Remains at the Heart of Our Universe After the Big Bang

Georges Lemaître: Who was the Belgian priest who discovered the universe is expanding?

Mars Opposition: Red Planet Closer to Earth Than It Has Been in Years

Solar Minimum For 2018 – 2020 Could Be Unprecedented In Modern Astronomy

SCIENCE NEWS IN BRIEF: A Black Hole Gorging on Stars and Spirit Simulation, Scientists Transfer Data Between Snails, etc.

Astronomers Annoyed Over Launch of Giant Disco Ball Satellite Into The Sky

Discovery of Giant ‘Monster’ Planet Shatters Previously Held Formation Theory

NASA Discovers Entire New Solar System With Earth-Like Planets Capable of Supporting Life

NASA announced a remarkable, groundbreaking new find in a press conference on Wednesday: an entire new solar system filled with planets similar to Earth and could potentially support life. Researchers revealed that they have made perhaps the most promising exoplanet discovery ever, finding seven planets that are in orbit around a relatively nearby star,

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