Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Dr. Steve Pieczenik Claims US Intelligence Community Coordinated With WikiLeaks to Execute Silent Counter-Coup Against Clinton’s Civilian Coup (VIDEO)

On Monday, November 1, 2016, a roughly 4-minute long video began to circulate around social media and on YouTube, in which stunning revelations were revealed in regard to the recent dramatic unfolding of events only a week prior to Election Day, upon which Americans are scheduled to cast their ballots in what is possibly the most heated and controversial presidential election the country has ever known.

“White Helmet” “Save Aleppo” Protest Proves How Easy It Is to Dress up Actors As “War Victims”

Massachusetts State Court Rules Black Men Not Unreasonable For Fleeing Police

Past Masterpiece of the Week (October 1-8, 2016): Cortex – Spinal Injuries (1981)

Rescued Kitten Rosie Raised By a Husky Thinks She’s A Dog Too (VIDEO)

Newly Discovered Closest Planet to Solar System Is Potentially Habitable

Civil Disobedience Legalized To Enable Protest Against Fracking In Grant Township, Pennsylvania

Grant Township is tiny community taking up a 27-square-mile patch of Western Pennsylvania that was faced with the threat of a giant energy corporation leaving toxic fracking wastewater deposits under it. Its 700 residents were concerned over the historical trend all over America of protesters being arrested while attempting to speak out against bullying corporations. So Grant Township passed a law that protects its residents from arrest if they protest Pennsylvania General Energy Company’s (PGE) creation of an injection well.

Past Masterpiece of the Week (August 29-Sept 4, 2016): The Drones – Further Temptations

Past Masterpiece of the Week (August 22-28 2016): Bauhaus – Sky’s Gone Out (1982)

UPDATE: Texas Court Issues Stay of Execution For Man Who Has Never Killed Anyone But Is About To Be Executed For Murder

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled 7-2 on Friday, August 19 to halt the execution of Jeffrey Lee Wood, a death row inmate awaiting an ostensibly unconstitutional execution by lethal injection for a murder he did not commit nor intend to commit. He was sentenced to death under Texas’ “law of parties” for his involvement in a 1996 convenience store robbery that led to the shooting death of his friend Kriss Keeran, who worked at the store as a clerk.

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