Tens of Thousands of ICE Detainees Allegedly Forced Into Labor, A Violation of Anti-Slavery Laws

A 2014 lawsuit filed against GEO Group, one of the largest private prison contractors, alleges that as many as 60,000 immigrants detained by ICE were forced to work for $1 a day or no money at all, under threat of solitary confinement — a violation of federal anti-slavery laws. In March, the lawsuit reached a historic class action status.

Private Prisons and Modern American Slavery Set to Thrive Under Trump Presidency

With Trump’s plan to expand the use of private federal prisons, and his executive order to increase the number of immigration officers and escalate deportation enforcement raids nationwide, those private prisons are guaranteed a constant, plentiful supply of ICE detainees to occupy their cells — and even more so, to profit immensely from their barely paid, compulsory labor.

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