Watery Worlds Could Be Common Throughout the Galaxy – Suggesting Life Could Be More Likely Than We Know

Chemicals Found in Tiny Rocks From Australia Likely Remains of Some of Earth’s First Life Forms, Study Finds

DNC Serves WikiLeaks With A Lawsuit……Via Twitter

Golden Bridge Cầu Vàng in Vietnam Held by Giant Concrete Hands (PHOTOS)

‘Meghalayan Age’ Announced as Official New Chapter in Earth’s History

Scientists Discover 12 Moons Around Jupiter – Including One ‘Oddball’ That Could Destroy The Others

Mueller’s Latest Indictment Contradicts Evidence In The Public Domain

Opinion: The Eulogy Of An Immortal Russiagate Scandal

Georges Lemaître: The Cosmic Mystery That Remains at the Heart of Our Universe After the Big Bang

Severe Flood in Northern Nigeria Wreaks Havoc, Kills at Least 44 – Reports

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