New Report: The US is World’s 2nd Biggest Tax Haven, Surpassing Cayman Islands

Tiangong-1: Out-of-Control Space Station Will Crash to Earth Between March & April

Cape Town Will Run Out of Water As Soon As April

10 Reasons the Dutch-Russia Hacking Story Is Fake News

Astronomers Annoyed Over Launch of Giant Disco Ball Satellite Into The Sky

76 Countries Are Now Involved in Washington’s Perpetual “War on Terror”

The Costs of War Project has produced not just a detailed visual representation of the true extent of the war on terror, but very likely the first map of its kind ever. It offers an astounding look at Washington’s counterterror wars across the globe: their spread, the deployment of U.S. forces, the expanding missions to train foreign counterterror forces, the 1000+ American bases that make them possible, the drones and other air strikes essential to them, and the U.S. combat troops to fight them.

Red Cross: Cholera Outbreak Reaches “Hideous Milestone” of 1 Million Cases — Facilitated By U.S.-Backed Saudi Intervention in Yemen

Failure to Meet Paris Climate Goals By 2050 Will Result in Permanent Drought for 25% of Earth, Scientists Warn

2017 Was The Hottest Year in Recorded History Without El Niño

Iran Protests Death Toll Reaches 10

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