US Embassy in Australia Reveals the Reason Behind ‘Cat Pajama-Jam’ Invite

US “Investigates” Genocide in Myanmar, Commits Genocide in Yemen

Indonesian Teen Rescued After 49 Days Drifting at Sea Alone

Particles Coming From the Ground in Antarctica Have Physicists Puzzled

UN Report Calls for Genocide Charges Against Myanmar’s Military Leaders

Petition to offer Assange asylum in New Zealand to be presented to parliament

Japanese Space Agency to Land Hayabusa-2 Spacecraft on Asteroid and Carry Samples Back to Earth

Chemicals Found in Tiny Rocks From Australia Likely Remains of Some of Earth’s First Life Forms, Study Finds

Golden Bridge Cầu Vàng in Vietnam Held by Giant Concrete Hands (PHOTOS)

New Zealand’s biggest mass strike in decades: Teachers, nurses and civil servants to walk out after “years of neglect”

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