Scientists Create Musical Piece From The ‘Sound’ Of Sunrise On Mars

Fantastic Didactic Weekend Flick Pick (Nov. 9-11, 2018): ‘The Lobby – USA’

Bitcoin Alone Can Push Global Warming Above 2°C Degrees In A Couple Decades

Inferno Planets & The Goldilocks Zone: Here Are Kepler’s Most Awesome Discoveries (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Israeli Fighter Jets Launch 3 Consecutive Days of Fresh Airstrikes Against Blockaded Gaza Strip (VIDEO)

Oldest Weapons Ever Discovered In North America Pre-Date Clovis

Crows Filmed Assembling DIY Tools in ‘Remarkable’ Scientific Experiment (VIDEO)

200+ Palestinians Killed Since March… and IDF Alerts PETA About Plight of Tortoise

European Parliament Votes to Ban Single-Use Plastics in Bid to Tackle Pollution

Giant Planets Around Young Star Raise Questions About How Planets Form

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