Have You Been Brainwashed About Gaza?

EU Wants To Tax Internet Users Who Criticize Mainstream Media

Israeli Jets Carry Out Airstrikes on 9 Targets in Northern Gaza Strip

Civilians Flee After Hundreds Killed in Relentless Saudi-led Coalition Airstrikes on Key Yemeni Port of Hodeidah (VIDEO)

US Senators Urge Pentagon To Fully Disclose Its Role In Saudi-led War In Yemen

Syrian Tribes Declare Support For Assad & War Against Foreign Troops

Washington Warns Syria to NOT Attack Islamic State terrorists or Retake Its Own Territory. No, Really.

Kadyrov orders universal DNA testing in Chechnya to help identify children kidnapped by ISIS

Israeli Military Have Shot 500 Palestinians In The Head In One Month

Fantastic Didactic Weekend Flick Pick (May 25-27, 2018): ‘Coups R US’ – RT documentary looks at US ‘humanitarian’ interventions & regime changes

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