UN Warns Pesticides Cause 200,000 Deaths A Year

New NASA Experiment Shows Potatoes Can Grow in Mars-Like Conditions

Google Invests €50,000 Toward Development of Fully Automated Fact-Checking Software To Combat Fake News & Hoax Sites

Jill Stein Recount Campaign in 3 States Reaches $2.5 Million Fundraising Goal In Just A Few Hours

Fraction Magic: A Detailed, Live Demonstration of Rigging Elections Through Fractional Voting (VIDEO)

Election fraud was found to be inherently built into electronic voting machines used at over 60% of the country’s polling locations. A fundamental design flaw In the GEMS software is revealed by Bev Harris of in a live, detailed demonstration of how margins can be determined vote totals, and how this can be remotely fixed without detection.

Voting Machines’ Ballot Integrity and Audit Features Were DISABLED In Battleground State of Ohio (VIDEO)

China’s Futuristic “Straddling” Bus May Have Been Illegally Funded Scam (VIDEO)

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