Selfish Ledger: Leaked video reveals Google’s vision of ‘total data collection’

New Analysis By The Forensicator Examines ‘Russian Fingerprints’ and Inconsistencies Left By Guccifer 2.0

State Court Rules Ballot Images Are Public Records, In a Win for Election Transparency

American Sues France for Seizing Web Domain He’s Owned Since ’94

Assange Has ‘Physical Proof’ Russia Didn’t Hack DNC – Congressman

DHS Wants to Track & Analyze Media ‘Sentiment’ of Journalists & Social Media “Influencers”

Incredible Psychedelic Phytoplankton Bloom Captured From Space (PHOTO)

Diamond Batteries Made of Nuclear Waste Can Generate Power for “Thousands of Years”

Russian Post’s First Drone Mail Delivery Fails Spectacularly (VIDEO)

Most Distant Star Ever Seen Spotted By Hubble Telescope 9 Billion Light Years Away

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