Scientists Create Musical Piece From The ‘Sound’ Of Sunrise On Mars

Bitcoin Alone Can Push Global Warming Above 2°C Degrees In A Couple Decades

Inferno Planets & The Goldilocks Zone: Here Are Kepler’s Most Awesome Discoveries (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Georgia Voting Machines Left Unsecured and Unguarded (VIDEO)

New Dating App For Trump Supporters Exposes Users’ Data On Launch Day

Biomaterials With ‘Frankenstein Proteins’ Help Heal Tissue

The Destruction of Ballot Images an Increasing Concern in Florida Counties

More Than 250 People Worldwide Have Died Taking Selfies, Study Finds

225 Million Cell Phones Will Receive a Presidential Alert Wednesday — No, It’s Not a Text From President Trump

DOJ Sues California Over Landmark Net Neutrality Law

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