Tiangong-1: Out-of-Control Space Station Will Crash to Earth Between March & April

Astronomers Annoyed Over Launch of Giant Disco Ball Satellite Into The Sky

Failure to Meet Paris Climate Goals By 2050 Will Result in Permanent Drought for 25% of Earth, Scientists Warn

Nestlé Has Been Stealing Water From California, Illegally Bottling Millions of Gallons During Drought

2017 Was The Hottest Year in Recorded History Without El Niño

This is the Fastest Decline of Arctic Sea Ice In At Least 1,500 Years

Scientists Think Huge, Mysterious Object Flying Past Earth Could Be Alien Spacecraft

Excitonium: New Form of Matter Discovered 50 Years After Theorized

The Neuroscience of Changing Your Mind

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have found that last-minute decision-making is a lot more complicated than previously known, involving complex neural coordination among multiple brain areas. The revelations may help scientists unravel certain aspects of addictive behaviors and understand why accidents like falls grow increasingly common as we age.

A.I. Algorithm Can Determine a Neighborhood’s Political Leanings By Its Cars

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