Chemicals Found in Tiny Rocks From Australia Likely Remains of Some of Earth’s First Life Forms, Study Finds

Potent Psychedelic Drug DMT Makes the Brain Think It is Dying, Study Finds

‘Meghalayan Age’ Announced as Official New Chapter in Earth’s History

Scientists Discover 12 Moons Around Jupiter – Including One ‘Oddball’ That Could Destroy The Others

Georges Lemaître: The Cosmic Mystery That Remains at the Heart of Our Universe After the Big Bang

Georges Lemaître: Who was the Belgian priest who discovered the universe is expanding?

Hawaii Gets New Island As Erupting Volcanic Crater Continues To Spew Lava Into Sea (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

New Control Of Cell Division Discovered

Scientists Claim To Have Discovered The World’s Oldest Color – and It Is Pink

Soundwaves and Viruses Used to ‘Switch Off’ Memory Formation

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