Paris Global Warming Targets Could Be Exceeded Sooner Than Expected Because of Melting Permafrost, Study Finds

Oldest Drawing Ever Found Discovered In South African Cave, Archaeologists Say

Scientists Discover Stomach Bug and Probiotic Bacteria Produce Electricity and Could Form ‘Living Battery’

AI Used To Spot Dozens of Mysterious Signals Coming From Deep in Space

Ocean Cleanup: Device launched to remove thousands of tons of plastic from Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Printing With Sound: Researchers Use Acoustic Forces to Print Never-Before Droplets

Japanese Space Agency to Land Hayabusa-2 Spacecraft on Asteroid and Carry Samples Back to Earth

Bees Are Becoming ‘Addicted’ To The Pesticides Blamed For Wiping Them Out, Study Finds

“Exciting” Cancer Drug Combination Shrinks Tumors and Stops Growth Where Other Treatments Failed, Early Trial Suggests

Watery Worlds Could Be Common Throughout the Galaxy – Suggesting Life Could Be More Likely Than We Know

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