Biomaterials With ‘Frankenstein Proteins’ Help Heal Tissue

Another UK Jail Descended Into Crisis With Over 40% of Inmates on Drugs

More Than 250 People Worldwide Have Died Taking Selfies, Study Finds

A ‘Perfect Storm’ Now Surrounds One of History’s Worst Ebola Outbreaks in The Democratic Republic of Congo

Water in Two-Thirds of Tested Schools in Detroit Contaminated by Heavy Metals

Scientists Discover Stomach Bug and Probiotic Bacteria Produce Electricity and Could Form ‘Living Battery’

Air Pollution Now ‘Biggest Environmental Risk’ In Europe — EU Auditors

“Exciting” Cancer Drug Combination Shrinks Tumors and Stops Growth Where Other Treatments Failed, Early Trial Suggests

Potent Psychedelic Drug DMT Makes the Brain Think It is Dying, Study Finds

New Control Of Cell Division Discovered

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