Green Technology To Burst ‘Carbon Bubble’ In Catastrophe For Fossil-fuel Economies, New Research Predicts

Drone footage shows crater the size of ‘90 football fields’ at summit of Kilauea volcano (VIDEO)

Numbers of Snow Leopards in the Wild Impossible to Determine

Here's the hidden carbon cost behind everyday products

Work of Satan? Sinkhole opens on White House lawn, Twitter in turmoil over its meaning (PHOTOS)

Cannabis used to grow wild in Europe but went extinct before first farmers arrived, research finds

WHO Report: 95% of World Population Reside in Regions Contaminated By Life-Threatening Air Pollution

Most of the world’s population reside in regions where air quality contains life-threatening pollutants, with 95% breathing in unhealthy air, a World Health Organization (WHO) study has determined. This health crisis has already claimed 7 million lives since the Syrian War began, many whose surroundings exceed toxic levels, causing asthma, stroke, emphysema, heart disease, hypertension, and serious breathing difficulties.

Cows Could Be Largest Mammals On Earth If Extinction Continues At This Pace

75 For And 80,945 Against: Nestle Allowed To Pump More Water In Michigan Despite Overwhelming Public Outcry

Oil And Gas Drilling Blamed For Giant Sinkholes Threatening To Swallow Parts Of Texas

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