Indonesian Teen Rescued After 49 Days Drifting at Sea Alone

Particles Coming From the Ground in Antarctica Have Physicists Puzzled

Water in Two-Thirds of Tested Schools in Detroit Contaminated by Heavy Metals

‘Deep Creep’ Discovery Near California’s Deadliest Faults Could Explain Mystery Earthquakes

Paris Global Warming Targets Could Be Exceeded Sooner Than Expected Because of Melting Permafrost, Study Finds

Air Pollution Now ‘Biggest Environmental Risk’ In Europe — EU Auditors

Ocean Cleanup: Device launched to remove thousands of tons of plastic from Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Hurricane Maria’s Death Toll in Puerto Rico Has Surpassed 9/11, Taking Nearly 3,000 American Lives

Bees Are Becoming ‘Addicted’ To The Pesticides Blamed For Wiping Them Out, Study Finds

Severe Flood in Northern Nigeria Wreaks Havoc, Kills at Least 44 – Reports

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