Civil & Human Rights

Iran Protests Death Toll Reaches 10

NSA Spy Bill Renewal Pushed to January Amidst Heated Congress Debate

Congress’ Rushed Attempt to Sneak Through NSA Surveillance Bill Delayed

ESMA “Death Flights”: 29 Former Naval Officers Sentenced to Life in Prison in Argentina’s Largest Human Rights Trial

The U.S.-led War Against ISIS Is Killing 31 Times More Civilians Than Claimed

Comcast & Verizon Lobbying FCC To Block States on Net Neutrality

Saudi Blockade of Yemen Is World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

NYC Board of Elections Admits to Illegally Purging More Than 200,000 Voters in 2016 Primary

The New York City Board of Elections admitted after a lawsuit that it broke the law by purging thousands of people from voter rolls before the 2016 New York presidential primary. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the board violated “the law and New Yorkers’ trust in the institutions meant to protect their rights.”

UK Activist Convicted Under Terror Law For Refusing “Digital Strip Search”

How The NFL Sold Patriotism To The U.S. Military For Millions

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