Civil & Human Rights

The Government is Blacklisting People Based on Predictions of Future Crimes

Group Asks Court to Return Accountability and Transparency to Georgia Elections

City’s Entire Police Force Disarmed After They’re Found to Be Tied Directly to Drug Cartels (VIDEO)

A ‘Perfect Storm’ Now Surrounds One of History’s Worst Ebola Outbreaks in The Democratic Republic of Congo

NY Times Seeks Evidence Russian Hackers Are Fighting for Internet Freedom in the US

Water in Two-Thirds of Tested Schools in Detroit Contaminated by Heavy Metals

UN Report Calls for Genocide Charges Against Myanmar’s Military Leaders

17 Years After 9/11, US Counts Al Qaeda Among Allies in Syria, Yemen

Petition to offer Assange asylum in New Zealand to be presented to parliament

Al-Qaeda Terrorists Bomb Settlement In Syrian Province Of Hama Leaving 9 Civilians Dead, Over 30 Injured

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