Exclusive: Activist Lauri Love Speaks Out After Twitter Suspension

Dozens of Lawsuits Filed Against FCC Over Net Neutrality Repeal

California Police Colluded With Neo-Nazis to Pursue Anti-Fascist Activists

Nestlé Has Been Stealing Water From California, Illegally Bottling Millions of Gallons During Drought

The FCC’s Next Attack: Reclassifying Mobile Data As “Broadband Internet”

The Federal Communications Commission’s corrupt and undemocratic move to repeal net neutrality dealt a major, shattering blow to internet freedom, but it’s only the first in a series of actions leading to the end goal of complete blind deregulation of federal and state oversight of Big Telecom. Next step: expanding the definition of high-speed broadband internet to include mobile phone service, which the FCC will use disingenuously to portray America’s broadband situation as being better than it actually is.

Iran Protests Death Toll Reaches 10

Tides of Plastic Garbage Are Washing Up on Caribbean Beaches

UK Activist Convicted Under Terror Law For Refusing “Digital Strip Search”

How The NFL Sold Patriotism To The U.S. Military For Millions

Mainstream Media Ignores/Distorts Truth About Violence in Venezuela as Brutal Opposition Thugs Target Journalists to Burn Alive (VIDEO)

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