Massive Impact Crater Bigger Than Paris Discovered Under Ice Sheet In Greenland

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson’s Long Record of Justifying Police Misconduct and Shootings

Scientists Create Musical Piece From The ‘Sound’ Of Sunrise On Mars

Fantastic Didactic Weekend Flick Pick (Nov. 9-11, 2018): ‘The Lobby – USA’

Bitcoin Alone Can Push Global Warming Above 2°C Degrees In A Couple Decades

Inferno Planets & The Goldilocks Zone: Here Are Kepler’s Most Awesome Discoveries (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Israeli Fighter Jets Launch 3 Consecutive Days of Fresh Airstrikes Against Blockaded Gaza Strip (VIDEO)

NAACP Sues Tennessee County Over Mismanaging Voter Registrations (VIDEO)

Judge Orders Georgia Officials to Stop Tossing Absentee Ballots Over Signatures

Oldest Weapons Ever Discovered In North America Pre-Date Clovis

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