Q. What is snooze.press?

A. SNOOZE.PRESS (formerly snews.news) is a website haphazardly thrown together by vvn, in order to give home to compiled details and facts organized into something resembling a report format, of meaningful stories and events that have been ignored, misrepresented, or barely reported by the mainstream media. With occasional music, from a long time ago, and sporadic film suggestions. Oh, and cats.

Q. Cats? What the hell?

A. Cats rule the internet. There’s no escape meow.

Q. How come there are long stretches of time when nothing is posted?

A. Sorry. You know this isn’t a real news organization, right? We have no resources or money. We publish when we can. If we haven’t published anything for awhile, check out our Links page for some good alternative media sources who do update more than once in awhile.

Q. How do I submit a story?

A. Stories can be submitted either using the Contact form or by email to admin @ snooze [dot] press with subject “Story submission” Cute kittens are also welcome at this address.

Q. How do I advertise on the site?

A. Use the Contact form or send an email to admin @ snooze [dot] press with subject “Advertise” for information regarding advertising and affiliates.

Q. How do I follow you on social media?

A. At this moment we don’t have any social media accounts yet. Should we start one? Let us know by using the Contact form.

Q. How do I distinguish real news from “fake news”?

A. Train yourself in media literacy. To get started, check out our How To Be Informed page.

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