Water in Two-Thirds of Tested Schools in Detroit Contaminated by Heavy Metals

UN Report Calls for Genocide Charges Against Myanmar’s Military Leaders

Paris Global Warming Targets Could Be Exceeded Sooner Than Expected Because of Melting Permafrost, Study Finds

DC to Test Emergency Text Msg System From POTUS to All US Cell Phones Thursday

Oldest Drawing Ever Found Discovered In South African Cave, Archaeologists Say

YouTube Offers Cryptic Explanation on Shutdown of Syrian Government Accounts (VIDEO)

The video-sharing giant took down four Syrian state-run YouTube channels, including two channels belonging to state media and the official account of the Syrian presidency, amid escalating tensions in the militant-held province of Idlib and repeated warnings by the Russian military that the White Helmets were planning a new false flag chemical attack.

Scientists Discover Stomach Bug and Probiotic Bacteria Produce Electricity and Could Form ‘Living Battery’

17 Years After 9/11, US Counts Al Qaeda Among Allies in Syria, Yemen

Air Pollution Now ‘Biggest Environmental Risk’ In Europe — EU Auditors

AI Used To Spot Dozens of Mysterious Signals Coming From Deep in Space

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